We are especially well-known for the quality of our welding work, specializing in processing over 3 mm thick iron and steel.
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We are known for our high-quality welding work, specializing in processing over 3 mm thick iron and steel. We can process materials such as regular steel, stainless steel, and other special steels. We offer welding services separately or as part of our one-stop shop concept.

Our welding department is certified according to the welding quality system SFS EN ISO 3834-2. We are in the process of being certified according to the SFS-EN 1090-1+A1 standard.

Our machine park incl​udes for example:

  • CNC-bending machines
  • CNC-steered band saw
  • Mig-, Mag- and Tig-weldingmachines
  • Hydraulic sheeting roller (4 rolls, 8/2000)
  • Shear 10 / 4300 • Fanuc weldingrobot cell
  • Glassblasting-, sandblasting- and steelblasting machines

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Specialized in multiphase manufacturing of technically demanding mechanical parts.

Specialized in glass-ball, steel grain and sandblasting as well as wet painting.

Specialized in combining electronics, weighing automation, hydraulics, and pneumatics with a finished product.




Providing on-time deliveries for our customers is a priority for us. Our welding process and experience make sure customers can trust they will receive their products on time.



Our over 70-year experience in the field results in exceptional quality for our customers. We are especially known for our know-how and quality in welding services.



Some of our satisfied customers have been with us for decades. Close co-operation and a customer-oriented mindset make sure we always do our best to help your company succeed.


As an active and flexible partner our main goal is to help your company succeed. Working in close co-operation with our customers, our aim is to establish long-term partnerships. Some of our satisfied partners have been with us for decades.

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