Logset Oy

“At Logset, we manufacture forest machines for professionals. Wel-Mach produces different components for our machines, including metal framework for our harvester heads. We have been working with Wel-Mach for over 15 years.


Being able to discuss and design plans in close co-operation, or even visit Wel-Mach’s headquarters when needed, allows us to create cost-efficient solutions together. Wel-Mach makes working together easy. Flexibility is something I want to emphasize, as sometimes changes need to be made to original plans. Wel-Mach can make these changes in a very flexible and efficient way: they are a company that can provide decisions and solutions fast if needed, with the customer’s best interest in mind.


We have worked with Wel-Mach for a long time, making it only natural to have had some bumps in the road along the way. The ability to reflect on improvement needs and feedback is something very important to us in long-term partnerships. Wel-Mach has always fixed things efficiently and well in case something has not gone according to plan. This open and development-minded way of working is something to be appreciated!”


Christian Westeråker, Logset Oy