Greenbay Marine Ltd Ab

“At Greenbay Marine, we manufacture aluminum boats with experience in premium class yachts, combined with a history in the automotive industry. Wel-Mach is our partner in welding hulls for our 35ft Force10 boats.


As high-quality welders are hard to find, we felt it would be smart to outsource this part of our process. We found Wel-Mach when searching for a welding partner close to our own headquarters. We had a new product, and it was important for us to have a partner who we could visit personally if needed. Wel-Mach turned out to be a great partner, and together we have developed a cost-efficient process for co-operating.


Our product is quite high in price for the end customer, which means welding quality must be exceptional and precise. Wel-Mach has always met our expectations, making us very happy with the result of their work. I also appreciate the flexibility Wel-Mach has shown us: they have always done their best to help us even in sudden and unexpected needs. We have quite a small production capacity in quantity, but I’ve always felt we’re an important customer and priority to Wel-Mach.


Wel-Mach has a great family business atmosphere, and the people making decisions really know what’s happening on the factory floor. This is one reason why communicating with Wel-Mach is easy: you can usually get all the answers you need with just one phone call.”


Kennet Strand, Greenbay Marine