In 2022 Wel-Mach (Petsmo Products) dives even deeper into the world of recycling

We will deliver a pre-treatment (material intake) line for a Bio Gas plant in Tallinn, during the spring of 2022. Delivery includes:

  • Receiving buffer, screw conveyors, paddle depacker, pump, reception tank, hygienization tanks etc.


We have designed and will deliver a new breaker for recycling of catalysators. The breaker that crushes the catalysator material will be delivered to the customer in the spring of 2022.



Another new product line that we have designed and will deliver during the spring of 2022 to a new customer is equipment for handling and crushing cabbage leaves and waste. The material will be pumped to a pig sludge silo, and spread out on the fields together with the pig sludge.